Recent conference participation (2020-2022)

°Virtual meeting/remote talk


Decombeix A-L, Meyer-Berthaud B, Passelergue M, Tosal A, Girard C. 2021. Plant diversity after the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary: new data from the Tournaisian of Montagne Noire. Agora Paleobotanica meeting, Liège, Belgium. Contributed talk [abstract].

Decombeix A-L, Meyer-Berthaud B., Harper CJ, Krings M, Galtier J. 2021. Tylose formation in an Early Carboniferous (pro)gymnosperm from Australia. Botany 2021. Contributed talk [abstract] °

Decombeix A-L. 2021. Reconstructing the Triassic forests of Antarctica. Polar DinoFest, Natural History Museum of Utah. Invited talk [video] °

Decombeix A-L, Galtier J & Broutin J. 2020. Plants in the late Paleozoic ice age: insights from late Pennsylvanian and early Permian floras of France. GSA 2020 Connects Online. Invited talk [abstract] °

Decombeix A-L, Galtier J, Meyer-Berthaud B, Prestianni C, Rowe NP, Harper CJ. 2020. A review of the Early Mississippian anatomically preserved flora from Montagne Noire, France. Botany 2020 Virtual Botany Conference. Contributed talk [abstract] °

Decombeix A-L. 2020. Reconstructing the biology of Paleozoic trees. 2nd Palaeontological Virtual Congress.Keynote talk [abstract] °

Co-authored talks

Meyer-Berthaud B, Decombeix A-L. 2021. Le bois, une innovation vieille de 400 millions d’années. 10èmes journées scientifiques du GDR Sciences du Bois, Montpellier, France. Invited talk [abstract] [video]

Tosal A, Decombeix A-L, Meyer-Berthaud B, Galtier J, Martin-Closas C. 2021. First record of silicified woods in the Late Carboniferous basins of the Pyrenees. Agora Paleobotanica meeting, Liège, Belgium. Contributed talk [abstract].

Bert C, Meyer-Berthaud B, Decombeix A-L. 2021. Preliminary data on the Givetian flora of Oum el Jerane (Anti-Atlas, Morocco). Agora Paleobotanica meeting, Liège, Belgium. Contributed talk [abstract].

Meyer-Berthaud B, A-L Decombeix, Girard C, Blanchard R, Champreux A, Evreïnoff M, Steemans P. 2021. The Famennian flora of Barraba, New South Wales, Australia. Botany 2021. Contributed talk [abstract] °


Decombeix A-L., Galtier J, Meyer-Berthaud B., Prestianni C, Harper CJ. 2020. A snapshot of early Carboniferous floras: Tournaisian permineralized plants from Montagne Noire, France. PalAss meeting 2020 °

Conferences & symposia organized



  • Symposium Fossil woods – new results and perspectives, 2018
    10th European Paleobotany-Palynology Conference, Dublin, Ireland.
    With A. Boura (Centre de recherche en paléontologie, Paris)

  • Symposium Evolution of trees and forests, 2018.
    5th International Paleontological Congress, Paris, France.
    With B. Meyer-Berthaud (UMR AMAP, Montpellier) & P. Gerrienne (Univ. de Liège)

  • 1st Palaeontological Virtual Congress (online), 2018
    Scientific committee member

  • 5th Meeting of Agora Paleobotanica, Montpellier, France, 2017
    Organising committee member

  • Symposium Hydraulic architecture of plants through time, 2016.
    Xth International Organization of Paleobotany Conference, Salvador, Brazil.
    With L. Boucher (University of Texas) & J. Wilson (Haverford College)

  • 3rd Meeting of Agora Paleobotanica, Autun, France, 2015.
    Organising committee member